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Will Humans Be Taken Over by 3-Dimensional Chess Playing AIs? W47

5 years ago, the Google AlphaGo beated reigning world number 1 in Go, Ke Jie, but if you think the board game playing AI's have stopped evolving since, think twice! To...

How Should AIS Relate to Its Funders, W46

This week's ML & AI Safety Update is out! Considerations on the funding situation for AI Safety, exciting projects from Apart's interpretability hackathon, Meta AI...

Are funding options for AI Safety threatened? W45

The crypto giant FTX crashes, introducing massive uncertainty in the funding space for AI safety, humans cooperate better with lying AI, and interpretability is promis...

Can we predict the abilities of future AI? W44

This week, we look at broken scaling laws, surgical fine-tuning, interpretability in the wild, and threat models of AI.

Defending against artificial intelligence W43

This week, we look at how we can safeguard against AGI, look at new research on Goodhart’s law, see an open source dataset with 60,000 emotional videos, and share new ...

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